Treatment areas

Trustworthy services tailored to you

With vast expertise across a range of mental health areas, I’m here to help you overcome your unique challenges – and achieve your personal goals.  It is very important that the treatment suits you and your circumstances.  I also available for confidential ‘Employee Assistance’ consultations when  companies are supporting their staff during difficult times.

Major depression & mood disorders

Have you lost the pleasure of everyday life? Do you feel unmotivated most of the time? If so, you may be suffering from depression or another mood disorder.


As your clinical psychologist, I’ll start with an initial assessment to gain an in-depth understanding of your situation. Then, I’ll work with you to overcome your condition and its symptoms – step by step.

Generalised anxiety & panic disorders

Low self-esteem. Paralysing panic. A constant fear of failure. If your life is being controlled by one or more of these debilitating symptoms, I can help.


I practise a number of strategies to tackle generalised anxiety and panic disorders – including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), mindfulness, emotion-focused & insight-oriented therapy, Sensorimotor Therapy and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy.

Antenatal & postnatal mental health

Is pregnancy making you feel anxious or depressed and you can’t work out why?
Are you struggling to adjust to motherhood?
If so, you don’t need to suffer in silence.


I work with GPs, psychiatrists and other health professionals to help new and expecting mothers overcome depression, anxiety, feelings of isolation, bonding difficulties, self-doubt and exhaustion. A little support can go a long way – for mum, bub and the entire family.


I can also help if you are facing issues related to fertility, pregnancy loss, genetic disorders, birth trauma and other emotional turmoil that sometimes occurs in the postnatal period.

Effects of childhood abuse

If you have suffered child abuse, you know that the emotional pain can be relentless – and deeply buried too.


Battling the effects of abuse is never easy, no matter how much time has passed. That is why I rely on a range of strategies to help you move forward. Together, we’ll work to resolve your inner conflicts and explore different coping styles as well as emotional and relational patterns.

Adjustment issues for older adults

As an adult in your older years, you may be experiencing depression or anxiety as a result of grief, changes in your health or aging in general. But it doesn’t have to be that way.


It’s my goal as your clinical psychologist to help you enjoy this new stage of life to its fullest.

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

If you are fighting to cope and recuperate following a disturbing life event or exposure to ongoing trauma, you may be suffering from PTSD.


And as a result, your work, sleep, relationships and even your body’s physical functions are probably suffering too. So if you’re ready to put a stop to it all, I’m ready to help.

Ready to find your true self again?